Turbomates Soft Limited

Random Number Generator Assessment

We have independently evaluated the Random Number Generator ("RNG") used by Turbomates Soft Limited as detailed in the table below.  The approach of the assessment followed the guidelines provided by the IAGR multi-jurisdictional framework and included an evaluation of the RNG, Marsaglia's Diehard Battery of Tests and Scaled Output Based Testing where recognised statistical and mathematical tests were performed.  These included tests for probability, randomness and uniformity where the acceptance criteria is a pass at a 5% level of significance.

                                                              Software Provider:Turbomates Soft Limited
  Software Provider Website:
  Software Provider Address:VAMIKO 5, Floor 1, Flat 14
C350779 Strovolos
  Product Name:  Cazino RNG Kernel
  Operating System:Linux 3.16 
  File Version: 3.16.0-4-amd64
  Test Entity: eCOGRA

 Test Entity Address:2nd Floor Berkeley Square House,
Berkeley Square, London,
W1J 6BD, United Kingdom 

Our test results for the RNG product produced statistically acceptable random numbers that were free of any significant statistical bias or predictability.  The results obtained from eCOGRA's testing confirm the random number generator operates in compliance with the applicable requirements of the regulations of highly regulated online gambling jurisdictions.

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